Why I’m Running

Louisiana has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We are structurally broken.

When I began my first term as a state legislator in 2007, I quickly recognized our state government had fundamental issues with our budget and spending practices. Over the years, I have repeatedly pointed to these problems to bring them to light.

The budget process is not rocket science. Every Louisiana taxpayer understands the concept you cannot spend more money than you make. Government is no different.  You must have a set of priorities and spend accordingly.  As you plan and save for a rainy day, so should your government!

When I was elected as the State Treasurer in December of 2017, I immediately set out to protect the taxpayers, help rein in frivolous spending, and return more of your money. Since then, we have done all of that. Through the Unclaimed Property Program, we set a record year returning $48M to Louisiana residents—the largest amount in the state’s history.   Implementing efficiencies and technology, we have reined in costs and reevaluated contracts, saving money for the taxpayer while upgrading the states credit rating making it cheaper for the state to borrow money.    We have worked with the legislature in an attempt to enact programs to better invest the State’s money for local projects and are proposing a bold new plan to allow local governments to participate in a low interest loan program to address the state’s Infrasture needs.

Louisiana taxpayers work hard for the money they earn, and the government owes it to the people to spend and invest it wisely. As your State Treasurer, I have taken this charge seriously, and I look forward to continuing serving Louisiana.